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Almost all photo editing services start with an image cut out. If you want your clients to appreciate your photographs and buy them, you must use the greatest clipping path service. Hand-drawn clipping paths assure smooth edges at Creative Clipping Path Limited. By extracting the product or element from the raw image, it produces natural and realistic visuals.


  • Simple / Basic Clipping Path
  • Compound Clipping Path
  • Complex Clipping Path
  • Super Complex Clipping Path

Simple / Basic Clipping Path

When providing primary level clipping path service, a simple or basic clipping path is applied. Simple clipping paths are used for products that are straight, round, slightly curved, or rectangular in shape and have no holes or only a minimal number of holes in them. A single path is required for the most basic clipping path. It is typically the cheapest clipping approach that needs the least amount of work.

Our typical e-commerce products include things like

  • Ball
  • Spoons
  • mobile phones
  • framed artworks
  • dishes and rings
  • as well as eggs
  • books and other similar items.

Compound Clipping Path

Product designs that have several holes and multiple curves are subjected to the compound clipping path. Making a complex clipping path is more difficult than establishing a simple clipping path. As a result, the number of anchor points is more than the number of anchor points in the simple clipping route. Product groups such as group

  • Shoes image editing
  • group watches
  • motor parts
  • group rings
  • pair of shoes etc

and so on, are all examples of products for which compound clipping path services are used.

Complex Clipping Path

This form of clipping path is typically used for photographs where it is difficult to generate a path in the first place. A greater number of anchor points is required in order to complete the task. A complicated clipping path service is required for product photos such as

  • Necklesses
  • chain
  • bracelets
  • furry doll
  • jewelry and other similar items

where we need to cut out the product correctly.

Super Complex Clipping Path

In a highly complex clipping path, it is necessary to deal with the most advanced level of complexity possible. This service is typically applied to a broad range of products that have a variety of

  • Holes
  • Curves
  • Fences
  • levels of intricacy
  • vertical and horizontal zigzag designs, and other characteristics.

These necessitate the use of a large number of anchor points and routes. Complex clipping paths are required for products such as many dolls, fences, trees (in a group photo), furry dolls, and building fate, amongst other things.

How do we draw a clipping path?

Clipping paths can be created in one of two ways: by tracing or by cutting. By using the selection tool provided by the editing software, we may draw it on the screen automatically. The magic wand tool, for example, is a popular tool in Photoshop that many people use. The use of an automatic selection tool can save us a significant amount of time when the image contrast is good. Consequently, if the picture is just right for applying this magical tool, we can do the operation in a significantly shorter amount of time.

Creating deep etches by hand is the second method of achieving this result. Using the automatic tool to produce close edges can result in erroneous results if the photos are not properly contrasted. Hand drawing paths necessitate the use of the Photoshop pen tool to manually draw lines inside or around the subject while zooming in on the photograph. Despite the fact that it is more accurate, it takes significantly longer to complete than the previous method.

The lines are drawn in a way that is beneficial to our clients because we are the top clipping path service provider. In order to maintain high quality, we develop hand-drawn pathways in the majority of cases. The paths are created using an automatic program if the clients present us with a high contrast photo, such as a white photograph with a black background, in order to expedite the delivery time for the project.


  • It saves you time and money.
  • Expert photo editing staff ensures optimum quality.
  • It gives you the right photos to present on sales-generating online retail websites.
  • A well-presented goods with edited photographs pays more and keeps you ahead.
  • Using deep etching services ensures high-quality pictures, which are essential for building a business image.


  • Removing the background from a photograph may be necessary in order to increase the impact of a product’s appearance. The clipping path method is the most effective method of choosing an object and removing its backdrop.
  • Before you can begin working on an object in photo retouching, you must first pick the object that you want to work on. This is commonly accomplished through the use of the Photoshop pen tool.
  • Photo manipulation – when working with photo editing software such as InDesign or QuarkXPress, we may find ourselves needing to pick distinct objects using the clipping path technique.
  • The pen tool must be used to make a mark on the part of your product that you wish to change the color of first before you can proceed with the rest of the process.
  • Clipping paths are widely used in ecommerce picture editing by graphic designers and image manipulators to enhance the appearance of ecommerce product photographs.


If you are working with a

  • hairy image edit
  • furry object edit
  • Tree image edit etc

It might be quite time-consuming to construct ideal routes for picking the object so that no small bit of it is missed during selection. In this scenario, we can use the Photoshop masking technique to our advantage.

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